VC returns suck even more than I thought

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My recent post outing an angel investing billionaire might have misled some of you to sign up to this letter. OPM Wars is a newsletter that covers Canadian finance primarily and so if you are not interested in that, I recommend that you sign up for a separate blog of mine, Second Mouse Plan, also hosted on Substack, which covers capital allocation strategies, moguls and related topics.

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Last year, I wrote the introduction to The Second Mouse Plan: How the Unimaginative Can Thrive in the Age of the Unicorn. Since then, I have come across data that confirms my beliefs and so I have written a new post on that topic here.

OPM Wars will return shortly to cover our usual topics of Canadian funds, fintech, moguls, etc. I will also talk again about Wealthsimple, but then will move on from that topic. I have neglected hedge funds and will talk about them more this year. Chronicling the last days of the active asset management industry is a responsibility I take seriously.

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