The Second Mouse Plan

I have carefully weighed how, on one hand, this post might be slightly off-topic and on the other hand, how it might alter the course of your life. Your life won.

Read the introduction to my life-changing book:

The Second Mouse Plan: How the Unimaginative Can Thrive in the Age of the Unicorn.

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At the very minimum, it will give you the words, facts and arguments needed to mock venture capitalists and other innovation messiahs.

You can subscribe to Second Mouse Plan (SMP) HERE

It’s a separate mailing list, because OPM Wars and Second Mouse Plan are separate initiatives - there’s absolutely no collusion or quid pro quo between them.

SMP will cover capital allocation strategies and profile Second Mouse moguls. The primary focus will be on opportunities outside of the stock market. If you are interested in the craft of investing and learning about those who do it best, subscribe.

Finally, at the risk of betraying self-doubt, your feedback is welcome.

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