Fintech unicorn Revolut is hiring in Toronto

Earlier today, neobank unicorn Revolut announced plans to expand in multiple countries, including Canada, by the end of the year. It raised $250m last year and wants to raise $500m this year. It already has 8 million users.

In Canada, it appears they are building a leadership team from scratch, starting with the Big Guns: CEO, CCO, Head of Recruitment, etc.

This is a unique opportunity for you to become CEO of a bank without spending decades grinding away at a soul-sapping bureaucracy that exploits an oligopolistic market structure to enrich itself at the expense of hard-working ordinary Canadians.

(To be accurate, Revolut is a quasibank, they’re not a full bank. They have a Money Service Business license with FINTRAC. In Europe, they have a banking license via Lithuania and are aiming to get banking licenses in other countries as well. Your mom would be proud regardless.)

Globally, Revolut plans to go from 1,500 to 5,000 staff over the next year, which is especially notable since CEO Nik Storonsky is a big fan of automation.

The jobs are listed here: Revolut Jobs